With smoothies, says Yah-i Ausar Tafari Amen of Vegan Flava Café in Blue Dogwood Public Market on West Franklin Street, you can really create your own adventure. Starting with the base. Go with water, a preferred type of milk, coconut water, or juice. The star of the show – the fruit – is best when picked from a North Carolina farm.

Everything served at the Vegan Flava Cafe is organic and GMO-free. The business started in 2011 as a mobile caterer.  They’re known for their BBQ jackfruit, "fish" cakes, mackin' cheese, and collard wraps. Stop by for some takeout!


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Island Flava Smoothie

8 oz. of almond, oat, rice milk or orange juice 

12 oz. of frozen fresh cut mangos and pineapples 

1 frozen banana

Ice (optional)

Berry Flava Smoothie 

8 oz. of almond, rice, oat milk or orange juice 

12 oz. of fresh picked and frozen NC blueberries and strawberries 

1 Tbsp. chia seeds

1 frozen banana

Ice (optional)