About Orange County, North Carolina

Common Orange County FAQS


Tell me about Orange County’s history...

Founded in 1752, Orange County has played important roles in state and national history. In pre-Revolutionary War days, Hillsborough was one home to the Regulators, a band of men and women who fought against British oppression, helping to usher in the country’s fight for independence. The Orange County county seat of Hillsborough was founded in 1754 on land where the Great Indian Trading Path crossed the Eno River and was first owned, surveyed, and mapped by William Churton (a surveyor for Earl Granville). And for centuries before this, Orange County was a site for at least three successive Native American villages. It is home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an institution of the University of North Carolina System and the oldest state-supported university in the United States.

Where is Orange County located in North Carolina?

Orange County is located in the north-central Piedmont section of North Carolina, approximately midway between Washington, DC, and Atlanta, GA., and  centrally located in North Carolina where a drive to the coast is just about 3½ hours and a drive to the mountains is about the same. Residents enjoy proximity to Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, locally known as the Triangle, and the Research Triangle and can avail themselves of any number of cultural, employment, entertainment, and shopping and sporting opportunities throughout the region. As they say: Location! Location! Location!

What’s the best way to get to Orange County?

Orange County is serviced by the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) which is just about 20 miles from Chapel Hill. Airport Shuttles, taxi’s, rental cars, and public transit sevices all operate from RDU. Major thoroughfares, I-85 and I-40 connect Orange County to other major cities and states.

What is the distance from major cities?

Asheville – 220
Atlanta – 380
Charlotte – 140
Chicago – 830
Nashville – 510
New York – 503
Orlando – 624
Washington, DC – 270
Wilmington, NC – 158

What kind of weather can I expect when I visit?

Summers range from the mid 60s to the high 80s; fall sees high 40s to the low 70s; winter ranges from high 20s to the low 50s; and spring has mid 40s to low 70s. The annual average temperature (°F) is 71 (high) and 47 (low). The annual average snowfall (inches) is 5.3. The average annual rainfall (inches) is 46.2.