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The PITCH Chapel Hill

462 West Franklin Street | Chapel Hill, NC 27516

The Pitch is a versatile space that combines the vibrancy of a fun-filled atmosphere with the sophisticaton of a professional environment. The Grounds, located inside The Pitch is a full service coffee shop. Check out the Meeting Facilities for details on available spaces for networking events, parties and more. 

Custom Meeting Facilities-General
  • Facility Information: There are numerous spaces available for events and networking meetings - a media room for business productions, a breakout room for teams to come together, a lounge downstairs that offers supplemental space for your events and the Main Event Space which can be transformed to accomodate large or small events and features top of the line lighting with additional stage lights and lasers, a high quality speaker and sound system plus live streaming and event capturing capabilities. You can also make use of the bar and coffee shop lounge for intimate business setting.
Facility Info
  • Number of Rooms 7