New video says "When things get back to normal, we’ll be here to welcome you to our delightfully offbeat home that’s anything but normal."

Chapel Hill, NC - May 3, 2020 - Across the globe, shelter-in-place orders and restrictions on nonessential travel are keeping millions of would-be travelers at home. According to the Transportation Security Administration, the number of airline passengers has fallen 90 percent compared to this time last year. Locally, what would have normally been a bustling spring travel season has now been marked by campus closures, commencement postponement, closed art and basketball museums, shut-down restaurants and shuttered hotels.

The Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau is urging people to stay home now and resume travel after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.

The Visitors Bureau has produced a campaign reminding visitors that when things get back to normal, Chapel Hill will be here to welcome you to our delightfully offbeat home that’s anything but normal.  A video is being pushed out via Chapel Hill and North Carolina social media channels.
See video here:

In addition, the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau is running a campaign that praises the efforts of its local businesses to aid in the fight against coronavirus and assure travelers that they will soon be welcomed back to North Carolina.

"Our distilleries are making hand sanitizer, our manufacturers are working together to make protective equipment, fund raisers have been started for hospitality workers and restaurants are giving away free meals to those in need," notes the local heroes campaign. "These people and so many more give us hope and remind us that the things that make us a community will never change.  We know we will see you again. Our hotels will make up a bed for you, our restaurants will set their tables for you and our arts and music venues will be ready for you."

The Visitors Bureau is using National Travel and Tourism Week, which is May 3-9, to kick off our Local Heroes campaign as we honor the #SpiritofTravel theme in recognition of the industry’s strength, selflessness and resiliency. The efforts of these Local Heroes allows us to embrace this spirit by supporting local businesses, helping our neighbors, and playing a key role in rebuilding our community. See Local Heroes campaign here:


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