Winter weather means crisp cool days and cold nights. But if you still want to dine outside, we have a list of Orange County, NC restaurants offering outdoor seating with heaters. Come be toasty warm and comfortable at a heater or at a sidewalk or patio fire pit while you enjoy your dinner or drinks. 

Bundle up, delight in the ambience of a soft glow and enjoy your evening out. Find 30 venues listed below, but a full list is at the bottom.

Stay cozy warm.


Acme Food & Beverage Co


Craftboro Brewing Depot

401 Main

401 Main

Grata Diner

Iza Whiskey & Eats

Luna Rotisserie Empanadas

Steel String Brewery

Thai Station

Thai Station Heater Blog


Al's Burger Shack

Ay Por Dios Mexican Bistro

Ayr Por Dios

Carolina Brewery

Crossroads at the Carolina Inn

Dead Mule Club


Franklin Motors

Il Palio



Kipos Heater Blog

La Residence

Lapin Bleu

Lucha Tigre

Market and Moss

Osteria Georgi

Que Chula

Que Chula Heater Blog

Town Hall Grill

Vimala’s Curryblossom Café


Botanist & Barrel

Botanist and Barrel Igloo


The Colonial Inn

Radius Pizzeria & Pub 

650 by 450 Radius Pizzeria & Pub

Yonder Southern Cocktails & Brew

For a list of more dining experiences with heaters, fire pits and winter lights, visit Come visit our restaurants, bars and other sights during the winter months.  Make sure you enjoy our Sights, Lights & Bites. Circumstances are always changing, so call the restaurant first to confirm the availability of outdoor space with heaters. 

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(Image credits - Botanist and Barrel Igloo Facebook, Thai Station Facebook. All the others are by SP Murray.  Header photo is Lapin Bleu.)