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Tell About the South

410 East Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Dates: November 7, 2018
Phone: (919) 962-5665
Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Tell About The South: Stories to Save Lives Project; Health, Illness & Medical Care. Anna Freeman spent summer 2018 working with both Darius Scott and Rev. Bill Kearney to collect oral histories in Warren County, NC as a part of the Stories to Save Lives project. The project was originally started by Dr. Ross Simpson to study sudden death from preventable causes in rural communities. The oral history field work sought to garner direct input from members of these communities as to why these illnesses proved so pervasive and deadly not only to provide a better perspective on present issues, but to possibly inform better empiric questions. Chadwick Dunefsky visited Galloway Ridge, a retirement community located in Pittsboro, NC, over the course of the summer to conduct repeat interviews with residents there. Through these interviews, Dunefsky sought to better understand how residents perceive the role of Galloway Ridge in their current life and to understand what events and decisions in their life lead them to now live at Galloway Ridge. Nicholas Allen also conducted interviews at Galloway Ridge in addition to interviewing seniors in rural Orange County and conducting a single interview in Trinity, NC. Allen’s interviews focus on exploring themes related to coping with late life and how to find joy and raisons d’être.