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Racism in Economics and the Economy

100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:45 AM
Price: $25

This compelling lecture series will document the place of poor people in the U.S.’s $23-trillion-dollar economy (the largest in the world) and show that minorities, including the descendants of slaves, Hispanics, and Indigenous people, are overrepresented among the destitute. The course will explore the reality of the economic system, and how such outcomes are maintained and reproduced from generation to generation. Systemic racism does not have to be intentional; racism can be covert and hidden deep in the way the economy functions. Any subtle legal or structural impediment to economic mobility, or any institution that supports the reproduction of racial inequality is considered institutional racism. The course will also examine the ways in which mainstream economic theory (e.g., Econ 101 taught to more than a million students annually) is replete with ideas, concepts, and assumptions that feed into structural racism. Join us for an informative and engaging discussion. Section Notes: Our Fall 2022 course "Racism and Economics and the Economy" takes place online and consists of two sessions, Tuesday and Thursday, October 4 and 6. 10-11:45am. The fee is $25 and covers both sessions.