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Orange County's Agricultural Revolution: 1900-1970

100 Library Dr
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
Dates: January 24, 2021
Phone: (919) 929-1793
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Orange County's Cultural Resources Coordinator, Peter Sandbeck, will provide an overview of this remarkable period of change in Orange County's agricultural history using historic photos. Farming and farm life was completely transformed in a few decades. Antiquated and inefficient practices were replaced through the implementation of scientific farming practices and marketing strategies, thanks to the efforts of newly-established state and federal programs. Social and technological changes helped bring an end to the destructive tenant and sharecropping systems. This period of rapid change in Orange County's rural heritage was documented by remarkable photographs taken by the state and federal agency staffers who played such active roles in educating farmers plagued by eroded land, depleted soil, poor transportation, racial inequity and their own reluctance to abandon their outdated ways of farming.