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Nature’s Indispensable Supporting Cast

100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Dates: April 11, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:45 AM
Price: $25

There was a time when most of us were impressed mainly by the size, majesty, and power found in the natural world—the girth of a giant oak tree, the height of a bald cypress, the power of a bald eagle, the immensity of a tundra swan, the weight of a largemouth bass, or the size and fragility of swallowtail butterflies. Many of us soon learned, however, that for every large, beautiful living thing in nature there are myriad “lesser” living things that make its existence possible. If this unique course by NC naturalist, Tom Earnhardt, participants will be introduced to the “supporting cast” found in forests, fields, and rivers. Without these countless lesser, unappreciated living things—insects, fungi, amphibians, and 1,000 messy plants—the natural world as we know it would not exist.   With a keen eye, stunning photographs, and a life of observation and storytelling in North Carolina and around the world, Tom Earnhardt will introduce you to the diverse, and often dazzling, “supporting cast” found in the natural world. Instructor: Tom Earnhardt