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Eko Nugroho Wayang Bocor

114 East Cameron Ave
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Dates: January 20, 2017
Phone: (919) 843-3333
Time: 8:00 PM
Price: Tickets $20

Among the most arresting of Indonesia’s young contemporary artists, Eko Nugroho came to maturity during the upheaval and reform following the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the subsequent fall of the Suharto regime and the transition to democracy in Indonesia. Deeply engaged with the culture of his time, he is committed to making socio-political commentary in his work. His creations are grounded in both local tradition and global popular culture, with influences from contemporary street art, graffiti and comics. Inspired by traditional Indonesian shadow puppetry, Wayang Bocor is a multimedia staged work that explores new aesthetic values in this innovative collaboration between Eko Nugroho and various interdisciplinary artists.