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Doomed To Love You: The Music of Bob Dylan Sung and Explained

100 Friday Center Dr
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Dates: November 10, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Price: $15

Note: This is an online offering that takes place via Zoom. Please ensure that you have access to an internet capable device. We walk the earth with a modern Shakespeare! Since the start of his professional career in 1961 in Greenwich Village, during what musician Dave van Ronk called “the great folk scare”, Bob Dylan has written over 500 songs and has gone through so many phases and transitions that seven different actors played him in the movie “I’m Not There” (2007). Mr. Dylan has released 37 studio albums, 14 albums in the bootleg series, and 11 live albums, poems, several books, and is still touring all over the world. Besides Grammys, Golden Globe, and an Oscar he has received honorary degrees, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Pulitzer Prize, Polar Music Prize, Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and most recently, the Nobel Prize in literature. We celebrate the creative talent and musical artistry of Bob Dylan, through songs (and singing along!), combined with brief academic notes, from all phases: folk, protest, introspection, rock and roll, country, mid-life changes, Christian, post-Christian, and ongoing search for wisdom and meaning. Participants will be provided with suggested readings in advance of the class. The Bob Dylan Regulars, a collection of musicians led by Peter White (Professor Emeritus, UNC Biology) will perform songs that represent all the phases and transitions of his music--though Mr. Dylan himself will appear in spirit only – his first post-pandemic performance was a July, streaming event called Shadow Kingdom.