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Cristina Pato Quartet

114 East Cameron Ave
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Dates: November 3, 2017
Phone: (919) 843-3333
Time: 8:00 PM
Price: $25

The video for “Fandango: Prueba de Fuego,” the opening song on the Cristina Pato Quartet’s latest album, Latina, begins as the band walks into a bar in New York City over a skittering 6/8 drum beat. Barstools have been pushed to the side as the band nestles in a corner. After a brief fill by Pato, the band erupts. A flurry of notes pour out of her gaita (Galician bagpipes); Victor Prieto’s accordion adds a rollicking accompaniment; drummer Eric Doob continues that propulsive, lopsided beat; and bassist Edwardo Perez anchors everything with complex, but grounded, bass lines. The tune tumbles through various solos, simultaneously referencing jazz, tango, Balkan dance bands, Celtic pipe tunes, music from all over Pato’s native Spain, and who knows what else. The music exhorts us to dance, and all that the video is missing is a crowd to heed that call.