Yes, it’s hot outside. And though we’re close to both the beach and mountains, all of us don’t have the option to go. Luckily, you’re here, and maybe you’re here with friends and family – the perfect time to discover what a great destination the Chapel Hill area is. What do I do with my guests?  I’ve listed a few ideas below and encourage you to do a little digging yourself and share with us at the Visitors Center:

  1. When they arrive. Go on a walk down Franklin Street and into Carrboro.  You can easily cover both in 1 mile and hit some highlights. For a list of Fast Facts, call the Visitors Center. 919-245-4322.
  2. UNC Visitors Center offers wonderful tours and remember to tell your guests about the Davie Poplar, The Quad, Founding Fathers art and yes, the history of Silent Sam.
  3. Carolina Inn.  If your guests are here on a Friday, park at the Inn and hit the front porch during the evening.  Bluegrass, cold refreshments and affordable food trucks.
  4. Carrboro’s Farmers Market on Saturday mornings is a sampling of our local agriculture, personalities and unique sense of place.  Don’t miss it!
  5. Check out Riverwalk in Hillsborough. Park at the garage next to Weaver Street and walk the beautiful path that highlights public art.
  6. Hit the lawn at Southern Village. Bring a chair, blanket, a bottle of water and relax.
  7. The North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill. Their carnivorous plant collection is one of the best in the Southeast. Pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, Venus' flytraps. Don’t get too close!
  8. Check-out Maple View Creamery for the best ice cream in the south. Grab a fresh biscuit at Rise in Carrboro. Check-out Med Deli’s colorful array of fresh Mediterranean food. Have an adult beverage at Crunkleton’s bar.
  9. Chapel Hill/Carrboro celebrates art the 2nd Fridays of each month.
  10. Hillsborough celebrates art on the last Fridays of the month. Both offer a delightful submersion in the south:  music, food, laughter and family.