The Paperhand Puppet Intervention performs their 22nd summer show at the Forest Theatre.  Their new show is entitled “The Meanwhile Clock and other Impossible Dances.” The Paperhand Puppet website describes their new show: “This year we’re taking an adventurous dive into the paradoxical nature of time. Paper, cloth, and cardboard transform into creatures and characters of all shapes and sizes then come alive in a parade of primordial pageantry! …and we stop to wonder – what will we do with the time we have?”

Puppet Created by Donovan from Paperhand Puppet Intervention

The hour-and-a-half long show featuring giant headed puppets, original music and storyline becomes a magical experience performed at UNC-CH’s outdoor amphitheater, The Forest Theatre. The public is encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and come out to the preshow to learn about the makings of these unique shows. The performances are geared to everyone, children and adults, and usually have a thoughtful message (or moral if you will) whether it is about the earth, environment or just humans in general and how we live our lives.

Men Smoking Puppet Heads - Paperhand Puppet Intervention

These unique shows will be performed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday through September 18th at 7pm with the preshow starting at 6:20pm. Sunday matinees begin at 3pm and preshow starts at 2:20. You can purchase tickets online or at the event though many of the Saturday shows sell out quickly. For more information visit Paperhand Puppet Summer Show 

Meanwhile Clock and other Impossible Dances - The Forest Theatre

Photo credits: Paperhand Puppet Intervention/Aidan Rhode