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(L) Wedding Cake by Sugarland | (TR) Wedding Receptions at Carolina Club | (BR) Barn at Valhalla, Story Photographers

Call us first when planning your wedding (919.245.4323)

The Visitors Bureau is your source for information on everything!


  • We can determine availability and rates for overnight accommodations and space for your wedding reception. This way, you can review and compare each facility at one time, without all the phone calls.
  • If you are planning a welcome bag for your overnight guests, confirm the hotel will deliver to the rooms or hand them out at the front desk. Ask if there is a fee for this service.
  • Should you decide to pay for your guest rooms, confirm ahead with the hotel in writing, exactly what you will pay and what the guest is responsible to cover.
  • Ask if the hotel provides a complimentary room for the bride and groom’s first night or other incentives. It never hurts to ask.
  • Only block the number of sleeping rooms you will use and avoid charges for reserving extra rooms you won’t need.
  • If you block rooms, know ahead of time if you’ll provide a rooming list or will guests make their own reservations.
  • Make sure the hotel can accommodate anyone in your party with special needs.
  • Ask if there is plenty of parking and whether or not there’s a charge.

(L) Suite at the Carolina Inn (M) Wedding Reception, Siena Hotel (M) The Franklin Hotel


  • Call us first for ideas and suggestions.
  • Know your budget before talking to any facility.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references from other wedding parties.
  • Confirm the service and gratuity charges. The rate may vary with each location.
  • Ask to meet with the catering department prior to the event to confirm your plans.
  • If you are considering an outdoor ceremony or reception, have a back-up plan for inclement weather.
  • Be sure the capacity of the rooms will work with the number of guests, including space for a band or DJ and dance floor.
  • When you are quoted a price, confirm what is included; Linens, centerpieces, candles and other items may have an extra charge.
  • If you use outside vendors such as a photographer, DJ, florist, share their names and telephone numbers with your facility coordinator.
  • Check to see if there is a food and beverage minimum requirement with the rental space. Don’t be afraid to share your budget limitations with the coordinator. Facilities can often design a menu around your needs. Some facilities will offer a food tasting or a chef’s table. This lets you to see the presentation and sample the food. Ask if there is a fee.

 PHOTO: Snipes Farm, Chapel Hill, Jeff Massey


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